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Where to Go

Address: 17 Main St., Harbor Town, MI 48160
Worship Times: Sundays 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

The worship entrance is located just off of the Main street. When you arrive at the Mainstreet entrance, you will find guest parking in the front to your left. As you enter the building, the worship space will be in front of you and to your left. The washrooms are located to the right of the entrance. You'll also see signage for a welcome desk. The attendant will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the church.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Visiting a church can be stressful. We want to do our part to minimize the potential stress of your first visit. Here are our promises to you:

  • You will not be asked to do anything embarrassing.
  • You will be welcomed as you are.
  • You will be encouraged to join us in giving thanks to God for all His good gifts.
  • You will discover more about God's active love in our lives and be challenged to experience the fullness of life that is ours as we follow Jesus.
Our Faith

We Gather to Receive

God has promised to give generously of His mercy and His Holy Spirit through His Word and Sacraments. We are confident that we receive them because their reception is not dependent on us. We receive God's grace even when we feel unworthy or our hearts are distracted, or we doubt. We receive God's grace because He is the one who does the work to provide them for us.

We Gather to Encourage

Community can be a very vague term. For us it is all about a very real and powerful promise that we make to our neighbors and to each other. We promise to stand beside each other in all circumstances and strive at all times to be helpful to one another.  It is our hope that our Sunday gatherings provide us opportunities to encourage and support one another.

We Gather to Care

We are a community of faith which not only gathers in worship, but also in community service. As we work together and share our resources, we are better able to love our community and assist people who are in need. The "C" in culture reminds us that our culture as a ministry is nothing if it is not motivated for by concern for others.

Our Staff

Pastor Bob Smith
Senior Pastor
Youth Min
Mr. Tom Paulsin
Family Life Minister
Children's Min
Mrs. Debra Hill
Children's Minister
Mrs. Janice Kegley
Administrative Assistant

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Sample Church is not a real ministry. This site was created to serve as a sample of the templates available through the Michigan District LCMS

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